3482 Beethoven Street - Cluster 4A

This mature garden is a combination of California Native, Australian and Mediterranian plants. The garden was planted about seven years ago and is always a work in progress. 

It is a complete DIY project. Starting with ripping out the old Bermuda grass, designing and installing the drip irrigation system, choosing the plants, designing and installing the plantings and laying the walkway, the garden owners came away with lots of blisters and a true feeling of satisfaction.

Feeding the local fauna was strongly considered when picking plants as well as strong design elements. They pay close attention to textures, fragrances, patterns, architectural elements and rich colors. 

The plants include three kinds of salvia, Arbutus trees, wooly thyme, native columbine, grevillias , flax, euphorbia and wooly bush from Australia, an Olive tree, deep purple heuchra, fescue, ameria maritima and senecio, and others.

There is a rain catchment barrel on the property and reclaimed cement from the old path was used for the walkway.