2039 Walgrove Avenue

This front garden is mostly succulents and the perimeter of the front is segueing into more drought tolerant plants. The back garden is mostly edibles, vegetables, herbs, bananas and some flowers.

The owner teaches teach others how to grow vegetables through the Los Angeles County Master Gardener program and will be on hand to answer questions.

Since 1991 the garden has been an ongoing process. It’s gone through many permutations from focusing on growing flowers for drying in order to make dried flower arrangements and wreaths to what it is today, a succulent garden in the front and mostly vegetables in the back.

This homeowner also can share information and their composting, worm compost and rain barrel water collection.

Plants are watered when they need it. There is no irrigation system. Some time ago the owners received a report from the DWP saying they use ½ the water of similar homes in our neighborhood.