3620 Mountain View Avenue - Cluster 2C

There are really no words that can express what a special experience this garden is! The xeriscape in front yard doesn't prepare you for the labyrinth that greets you in the back.

This home is one of the earliest homes built in Mar Vista. A small structure in the back, since remodeled, was originally a sheepherder's home. 

For over fifty-five years, the artist who owns this home has collected artifacts, turning this into a virtual museum of Southwestern plants and art that is still growing and changing. Give yourself extra time to explore and meander as it takes time to absorb everything. With each step, there is a new discovery.

The owner rescued many of the plants from gardens being demolished to make way for the 405 freeway. A dried up piece of cactus discarded by a neighbor has grown to be an enormous cactus tree.

A unique water capture system routes rain water from the roof into an old bathtub; the owner draws water from there for the plants. 

Between hardscape, DG and drought resistant plants, this is the perfect example of just how special it can be to let go of a conventional lawn!