3767 Redwood Avenue - Cluster 5

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Featured on Chance of Rain and in the LA Times, this drought resistant garden combines California friendly plants with raised beds of vegetables and herbs. 

The angled walkway in front adds a feeling of depth as plants soften the front entrance and create a meadow woodland feel to give an overall feeling of serenity.

The trees add so much! The Forest Pansy Red Bud is a beauty in all seasons. The Yellow Tabebuia is a spring treat with its mass of clear yellow blooms. In the front, the row of Ginkgo's in the parkway are gorgeous and cast iron plants for our climate and city living. The showy red barked Arbutus marina in the back yard is a butterfly and hummingbird magnet. This is a wonderful example of how much you can add to a garden with trees! 

The water features always draw in birds and the finches seem to love the Abutilons in the garden.

The homeowner, a landscaper (Wild Gardens), designed the garden.

The garden was designed by the homeowner (the company is Wild Gardens).