After the tour.....

We are hearing the most wonderful stories about the connections that have resulted from the tour!

I already know of two neighbors on my block who are making plans to plant drought tolerant plants. Chris McKinnon has invited other garden participants over to learn more about the resources he used to convert his property. Paula Daniels asked Chris and I to prepare a presentation that will be made to the commissioners and executives from the Department of Public Works and the DWP. And Joseph Treves and I will be guests on Green N Easy Living on LA Talk Radio this weekend to talk about the MVCC Green Committee!

What we are hearing repeatedly is the hope that what is happening in Mar Vista will inspire other community councils. A case in point - we received a wonderful note announcing a new community blog - and they said it was our tour that inspired them. Check it out at

We just received this great note from Jeanne Kuntz about one of her experiences following the tour ...

The day of the tour I heard people raving about one of my neighbors, Loree Bryer, and her amazing vegetable garden. She only lives a block away from me. She has been there for 20 years (I've lived here for almost 30). I went to see her yesterday and we had a fantastic exchange of ideas and she gave me 2 huge bags of vegetables, inviting me to come back often. This exchange has continued, with me bringing her her some homemade soup and a cucumber seedling. Here are some of her comments about the Green Committee's endeavor:

Thank you for being in the "green think tank" for Mar Vista. It has been very rewarding, now actually meeting people such as you in person. I think we can really be a national model with such creative minds as you and the Mar Vista Green Committee.

It's wonderful to know we can make a difference!