Bee challenge!

My neighbor has a front lawn and parkway planted with California Native plants – very mature plants that she barely needs to water. For 2 years now, she has suddenly had bees build hives in the water meter at the curb. The hive makes city access impossible. Consequently, the DWP cordons it off with hazard tape and gases the hive with poisons to kill off the bees. She has not succeeded in getting them to move the hive as they can’t confirm they are the type of bees they want to nurture. We assume these are toxic chemicals that are going into the runoff and out into Santa Monica Bay. Any advice?
Ways to discourage the hive of being built there?
Resources to move the hive?
Non toxic ways to get the bees to leave?

From Sean at The Learning Garden
I think the Backwards Beekeepers would be perfect for this situation. The guy who runs the club is named Kirk. Removing bees is one of his businesses.

They are always looking for new bees for their club members.
As for the bee's building in the water meter, it's probably because it provides shade from the heat of the day, as well as a ready source of dripping water to drink. I'm not sure how to solve the problem besides covering the meter better.

From Rob Kadota of the Mar Vista Community Council (and several others!)
I would contact Harry’s Honey at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. He’s trapped and moved hives for local residents especially if they’re as convenient as described. He doesn’t remove hives as full time work but is of course handy around bees and always on the look out for swarms of easily accessed bees.

From Christy at Gardenerd
A-BEE MAN, David Saraf (310) 207-1090
BEE CATCHERS, Steven Downs (818) 987-7477
I think you have to request the bees be saved. Sometimes they don’t if the bees have been hybridized with African Bees (which is most bees, unfortunately)