Trees at Risk!

This note has a happy ending as we just learned that the trees have been saved!

Note to 'Ask Us' ...
I wanted to bring to your attention that I came home last Wed to find every tree on my block taped for removal. It turns out the city wants to remove these trees, which some neighbors have complained about because of large (baseball size seed pods that drop--we call them bonkers). There are male and female trees, and only the male trees have these. I would want to save the trees that don't have the seed pods, as they are large majestic trees--50 years old. The one in front of my house is very large and has no bonkers, and is not a hazard to anyone. The city wants to replace them with very small australian willows, which are low maintenance. If the city wants to replace them, I am guessing that my neighbors and I would like a more stately tree--such as a sycamore. The trees really make this neighborhood and it is a shame to just have the city come in and mow all down, even those not causing any problems. Our trees do not mess up the sidewalks.

Do you have thoughts about what we can do here? I was wondering if this is the kind of thing the mar vist community council gets involved in.

Thanks for any thoughts


The Department of Urban Forestry deals with tree replacement - . You will find names and contact info here so you can start to get your position heard. You will also find the list of trees that are options. But what I know from sitting through a meeting Board of Public Works meeting that your mature trees will be replaced by a young tree and it will take years to get anything like what you have there now.

We have to assume that the city is reacting to stakeholders who have a concern and if they hear from others who oppose it, they will listen. This is not an instance where they are coming down to widen a street or make room for a development. I really believe that you can make a difference and that is why they post these notices!

We would love to hear from anyone else who has been through this process!