Green Gardener Survey - please help!

Commissioner Paula Daniels
from the Department of Public Works is a great supporter of environmental efforts as well as Mar Vista. She is developing a program that will retrain and certify the gardeners that do landscape maintenance so that they are able to support our efforts to replace turf lawns with drought resistant landscaping. This program is also vital so that they have continued employment.

She has posted an on line survey that will provide needed information as they develop this program. Will you take a few minutes to help her as she helps us? Click here to take the survey and please forward it to others as well.

Green Gardens are residential and commercial landscapes that use drought tolerant plants and rainwater harvesting techniques to reduce water use and prevent stormwater pollution.

This survey seeks to determine your interest in a program that trains, certifies, and provides job placement for “Green Gardeners" in the City of Los Angeles.

This survey should take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.