Composting at Mar Vista Farmers Market!

Bill Rosendahl stopped by to congratulate the Mar Vista Farmers Market as they took a huge step to 'Go Green'!

There are now three bins at each station.

1) Compostables go in a green bin that has great signage about what can go in - food, used paper and much more than you can put in your home compost bin.

2) Recyclables go in the blue bin - pretty familiar.

3) Trash - this gets confusing as it is also a green bin but clearly marked Trash Only!

It was exiting as we watched the compost bin get filled twice as the trash bin was less than a quarter full. A HUGE thank you to Jeanne Kuntz as she played composting coach and helped visitors learn the new system.

This program will divert the food waste (85% of which is compostable!) and take it to a composting facility, (instead of a landfill), and turn it into useful by-products such as soil amendments and fertilizers.

The market is using Athens Services who is very pleased to be a partner with the City of Los Angeles to provide food waste & organic recycling for all food service establishments in the City of Los Angeles. Perhaps our Farmers Market can inspire our local businesses to embrace this as well!