3336 Wade Street

What a treat – this garden has it all. The homeowners did everything themselves – and continue to. The front garden was created in 2005 when they ripped out the lawn and planted a mix of California native and drought tolerant plants. The back yard was created in 2007 when they removed the rest of the lawn. Both continue to be a work in progress.

Their goal was privacy in the front and utility in the back and they continue to eek out any extra space they can find to plant more edibles. Between front and back, it’s a delightful mix that includes olive trees, rosemary, ceanothus, flax, day lilies, tea tree, various lavender, lots of salvia, kaffir lime, meyer lemon, heliotrope, lots of herbs and veggies, blueberries, strawberries… the list is endless, as are the many uses. The collection attracts tons of bees, birds (mostly hummingbirds) and butterflies.

There are sprinklers in the front that run 5 minutes twice a week. Most of the back is on a drip system. When it rains, they add large buckets to capture it. Everything they plant is from seed or cuttings that they trade with neighbors. The garden is completely organic and fed with home composting.

This is a great stop for anyone who wants hands on advice!