11835 South Park Avenue - Cluster 1C

According to the landscape designer, Steve Silva of Suburban Design Inc., there is nothing we can't grow in Mar Vista. This garden has 4 types of citrus trees, 2 types of guava trees, an avocado, mulberry tree, mango tree, papaya, plum and nectarine trees, two cherry trees, banana trees, a lychee tree, and passion fruit vines. 

The parkway is drought tolerant, without sacrificing color, texture or curb appeal. The southern exposure in the front yard is perfect for 8 raised garden beds in which the garden owners rotate seasonal crops. They also have 4 egg laying chickens. One owner says, "I must confess that I am not completely green, as I also have a pond with a Buddha fountain filled with colorful fish. I love them. So does the blue heron who frequently stops by for lunch. I'm not completely off the grid, but when the zombie apocalypse hits, I could survive for a few weeks!"

The owners designed and built the house in 2004; owner Shanon Drayton (Drayton Design) designed it and owner Rick Arreola (Arreola Construction) was the contractor. The landscape was initially completed in October 2009; working in collaboration with Steve Silva, the homeowners achieved the outdoor spaces they had always wanted. 

Solar City installed the solar panels.