11835 South Park Avenue - Cluster 1C

According to the landscape designer, Steve Silva of Suburban Design Inc., there is nothing we can't grow in Mar Vista. This garden has 4 types of citrus trees, 2 types of guava trees, an avocado, mulberry tree, mango tree, papaya, plum and nectarine trees, two cherry trees, banana trees, a lychee tree, and passion fruit vines. 

The parkway is drought tolerant, without sacrificing color, texture or curb appeal. The southern exposure in the front yard is perfect for 8 raised garden beds in which the garden owners rotate seasonal crops. They also have 4 egg laying chickens. One owner says, "I must confess that I am not completely green, as I also have a pond with a Buddha fountain filled with colorful fish. I love them. So does the blue heron who frequently stops by for lunch. I'm not completely off the grid, but when the zombie apocalypse hits, I could survive for a few weeks!"

The owners designed and built the house in 2004; owner Shanon Drayton (Drayton Design) designed it and owner Rick Arreola (Arreola Construction) was the contractor. The landscape was initially completed in October 2009; working in collaboration with Steve Silva, the homeowners achieved the outdoor spaces they had always wanted. 

Solar City installed the solar panels.


  1. Is the 2016 showcase happening? thx!

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. There isn’t a garden tour this year. The Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee launched the Green Garden Showcase in 2009 with the goal of encouraging sustainable home gardens in Mar Vista…and beyond. It’s exciting to see what we’ve achieved – sustainable gardens are now plentiful and most Mar Vista streets have quite a few! The irony is that this makes garden selection for the tour even more demanding – for the tour to be meaningful, the gardens need to stand out beyond what we all see around us. Organizing the tour is a very demanding, time and labor-intensive task – one that past organizers are unable to take on this year. So the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is taking a well-earned sabbatical.

      In it’s place, the MVCC Green Committee held an Eco Car Expo on Sunday, April 10, at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. We showcased eight plug-in vehicles with their real live owners - not dealers: It was very successful, and we’re already talking about doing it again next year with 11 plug-ins.

      You can still continue to find inspiration on our garden showcase blog.

      Melissa Stoller
      Showcase Organizer