3267 Corinth Avenue

This is a great stop to learn about landscaping with grasses! Grasses are amazingly healthy, easy to grow, and have wonderfully diverse range of colors, forms, and textures.

Nine years ago John Greenlee planned the garden design introducing this homeowner to grasses and bamboo which they combined them with their bromeliads and tillandsias. They wanted to create an environment reminiscent of places they had been and that have made them happy, as well as being drought resistant and aesthetically pleasing with room for art. The garden had to be low maintenance and require minimal irrigation.

They’ve modified the garden over the years and have enjoyed watching it mature. The rear garden has planters that demand low water along with a traditional grass area. The lawn is in the shade and requires low maintenance watering. They water once a week in the summer, the balance of the time it is watered as needed.

Look for Buddha’s Belly and Alphonse Carr bamboo, a variety of grasses, citrus trees, lavender, rosemary and bromeliads as well as succulents in containers on the patio.