3300 S. Centinela Ocean View Farms

Don’t miss this Mar Vista treasure! Enjoy some views in this LA Times photo essay.

There are 500 plots with approximately 310 gardeners growing vegetables, flowers and fruit organically. From artichokes to agave, OVF has it all. This season gardeners are planting tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, potatoes, chard, lettuces, and onions. Many gardeners have nurtured roses throughout OVF’s 30+ year history. Several gardeners have cactus and native plants, and the perimeter of the garden is filled with fig, avocado and citrus trees, as well as pine, eucalyptus, black walnut and palm trees.

OVF has a huge composting operation through which they literally take thousands of tons of manure (otherwise going to a landfill) off the city’s hands each year. Stable waste is mixed with their own garden waste, shredded and composted for several months. Weekly crews turn the piles and prepare it for harvesting by gardeners, who then use it as soil amendments in their plots. It is located at the bottom of the hill between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Vegetables need to be watered twice a week in winter, but in our sandy soil, sometimes they need watering every day in the summer. Luckily the land provides us with sustenance, which makes up for the higher water usage. Organic Gardening Magazine donated a 1,100 gallon cistern to OVF last year. It sits at the top of the hill (at the far end of the parking lot) and is connected to one of the dugouts near the little league baseball field. Just one rainy day collected over 600 gallons of water. The water is piped down to the composting area to be used on the pile.

Ocean View Farms is on 6 acres of land owned by the DWP and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Recreation and Parks and is the largest of more than 60 community gardens in Los Angeles County. It is a workday, so there will be gardeners and leadership present from 1-4 p.m. Please park on Centinela and come in through the bottom gate.

Also notice the wonderful drought resistant landscaping that OVF volunteer gardeners have done along the property on Grand View Boulevard.

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