11443 Clover Avenue

The co-creator of Inspire the Change takes the message literally – beginning with their own garden which was designed by Grace Phillips!

They were inspired by the time they spent living in Berkeley! They fell in love with plants while living there, and wanted to have a low water, low maintenance front garden in Los Angeles. They love the fact that their yard maintenance requires no noise and no CO2 making machines

They have fruit trees, some natives and less thirsty plants – some Australian. The plants surround two “gravel rooms” and attract hummingbirds and monarch butterflies. They use minimal water for irrigation in the summer and hardly any in the winter.

They are very partial to the trees they planted – one large pomegranate and three minis, a fuyu persimmon, an olive tree from the city. And the fact that there’s almost always something flowering makes them very happy. Right now, the ceanothus are in bloom.

They dug up their lawn in the fall of 2005, and planted in February of 2006. Almost everything came in four-inch pots! They figured that the neighbors would think them nuts, but many stop to complement them on their efforts.