12112 Marine Street

They wanted an edible garden, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs for cooking. They wanted to create a Zen space in a busy city – with privacy and a division from public space, but without a fence. 

They wanted to impart the knowledge to their children of how to grow their own food – the process it entails – and to have appreciation for nature and a greener future. To have them learn that a lettuce does not need to be on a truck for a week before it arrives at the dinner table – that it can be picked 15 minutes before they eat, right from their own garden. They grew up in Europe and have fond memories of helping their parents in the garden – planting fruits and vegetables, growing and tending to the herb garden and then cooking amazing, fresh and wonderful tasting dinners. They wanted to create that here.

Enjoy visiting their wonderful spiral shaped herb garden where they grow rosemary, sage, lavender, parsley, cilantro, chives, African basil, oregano, timian, lemon balm, majoram, savory and geranium!

They also have lemon, orange and loquat trees in front. In the back is their vegetable garden, a fig tree and a bamboo privacy screen.

Make sure you notice the materials that they reused when they created the garden and learn about their drip irrigation and composting.


  1. Wow, this garden sounds amazing - I'm really looking forward to seeing it on the tour. I would love to grow my own vegetables, so it will be great to see someone who does it already.

  2. I love the spiral design you've created with the bricks, it really adds a whimsical feel to the space. Lovely!


  4. Very beautiful, tranquil place :)

  5. This garden is stunning. I love how they have all of those fresh vegetables and herbs at their disposal. And, the spiral design is really unique and beautiful!