12719 Dewey Street


This is a wonderful stop to learn about plants you will want in your life! This homeowner is an herbalist who wanted to create a sanctuary for patients - a transition, magical world. Make sure you rub your hands in the sagebrush and Grandmother sage. Enjoy a rest - they will be offering lemon verbena water, chair massages and Zhuba's lemonade stand while they share insights on their plants.

The garden has been a process over maybe 6 years. They took up the lawn twice and last year dug one foot deep throughout half of the garden to remove the Devil’s grass, then added the raised bed front garden and mulched with cardboard. They planted many natives, drought tolerant, fruit trees and veggies. They have many favorites - the queen is the elder bush, the plant of beauty and wisdom which they use to make elder liqueur from the flowers and berries. They adore the figs daily all summer and the magical giant rosemary with squash growing in it. They love to smell the labdanum and enjoy eating the kumquats and tangerines. The lemons are also useful. They adore eating the cactus fruit. Many of their plants - particularly the cactus - have been in their life for years in pots going back to their apartment porch in the 80's.

They water minimally - the few months that they do use sprinklers it's a maximum 5 minutes twice a week plus the water captured in two rain barrels. Ask to see their compost as well!

While you're visiting, ask about the classes that will be offered in May on medicinal  uses for plants that thrive here!