3321 Grand View Blvd - Grand View Parkway

One thousand feet of Hilltop pride. What you’ll see is what the community and City government can create - and did, in Mar Vista, in 2006.

Hilltop Neighbors, residents, volunteers, LA City Dept of Recreation and Parks, Department of Beautification, Ocean View Farms, Neighborhood Council, Little League, and others gave of their time, talent and money to take a blighted strip along Grand View Blvd and gave us all this beautiful landscape.

The city provided them with a list of plant recommendations, candidates hardy and beautiful low/medium water use plants. The Grand View Parkway team, a subcommittee of Hilltop Neighbors Association and Ocean View Farms chose the plants, installed the watering system (low watering). They raised funds and coordinated volunteer workers, mostly Hilltop residents.

The maintenance has been done by Hilltop residents and Ocean View Farms farmers.
They recently received a grant for replacement plants, which have filled in a few spaces they like to say was the result of attrition and gophers.

They’ll have labels for most of the plants and this will introduce you to a wonderful Mar Vista walk!

While you’re there, be sure to look westward at the vista of open sky over this hilltop and know that the Pacific Ocean is there. It is called Mar Vista for a reason.

P.S. If you would be willing to be an ongoing/sometime maintenance angel, e-mail HilltopNeighbors@aol.com