Have you borrowed a Kill-A-Watt yet?

Check out the new video to help you learn how to use the Kill-A-Watt! Thank you to Carbon Reduction Services for creating this for us.

Constant Solar Electric, a solar installation company based here in Mar Vista, has generously donated 10 "Kill-A-Watt's" to the MVCC Green Committee!

These easy to use devices measure the electrical consumption of the appliances in your home. We have 10 that we continually loan out to neighborhood residents who use them to learn more about the phantom electricity that is being wasted by appliances that are plugged in while not is use. Just return them the following week they will be loaned out to 10 new people. Stop by any Sunday to borrow one!

Energy conservation can reduce your electrical bill by 15% to 20% and unplugging appliances when they are not in use will easily be half of that. We look forward to sharing reports from our neighbors as they use these!

Another tip - invest in Smart Strips for areas like your entertainment center or desk - where some appliances need to stay on (perhaps your computer or cable box) while others can shut down (video games, printers, sound systems).