Have a Green(er) Halloween!

Halloween Dalmatians! The costume on the right was homemade with old socks (for the ears), an old white T-shirt and a pant found at a thrift store. Only the cap (reusable) and the black spots were new.

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that most of us love to celebrate, but it needs a Green Makeover. There is altogether too much sugar and plastic involved and so we’ll be offering alternative ideas for costumes, treats and decorations.

Take a step in the Green direction this Halloween! Sunday, October 3rd, join local moms and bloggers Annie Barnes (of Inspire the Change and The Mar Vista School Green Dolphins), Charlotte Neve, from Beethoven Elementary School and Sarah Auerswald of Mar Vista Mom at the MVCC Green Booth at the Mar Vista Farmers Market.   

The amount of toxic plastic generated by this holiday is the scariest part of Halloween.  Come to the Green Booth this Sunday and find out how you can still have Tricks and Treats without "digging your own grave".

Re-using, recycling and getting downright creative are easy and affordable ways to make Halloween costumes and decorations this year, and there will be great examples on display.

Treats with less sugar and fewer unpronounceable ingredients are much easier to come by than you might think – and we’ll have examples of those on display as well, including some sweet treats donated by Rainbow Acres.

Important note – plan your route to the market on Sunday without crossing Venice Blvd! See the street closures for the L.A. Triathlon here.