2801 S. Westgate Avenue

This homeowner removed the front lawn and installed a drought-tolerant garden in the spring of 2009, after hearing about the turf removal program sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District. Planning the garden with a landscape designer seemed important since this was the first house on the block to install such a garden. The homeowner chose a design that reflected a clean, orderly look with pathways for access to the front and side of the house. After attending a seminar on California-friendly gardening and nursery visits with the landscape designer, they selected a variety of plants that are water wise, with different textures, heights and interest.

The list of plants include ceanothus and Manzanita (both California natives), fescue, phormium, leucandendron. A drip irrigation system has significantly reduced water use. There is also a rain barrel installed in the backyard as an additional water source. The homeowner hopes to inspire others in the neighborhood with this classic example of a “non-lawn” front yard.

Their landscape designer, Horacio Cerutti of Sierra Landscapes, will be at the garden from 11 AM to 1 PM to answer questions.