3644 Berryman Avenue

For some time they wanted to transform their front yard into an outdoor living space.  They are very friendly with their neighbors, their children and their pets and enjoy spending outdoor time where they can interact with them, rather than being isolated in their fenced back yard. Read about their love affair with Monarch Butterflies here. This garden has just been certified as a Monarch Waystation.

They knew that they wanted to remove the grass and replace it with more drought tolerant vegetation.  They also knew that they wanted a patio space where they could enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.  They wanted a garden that was aromatic and attracted birds, insects and other wildlife and wanted it to feel more like a meadow than a desert landscape. And they wanted a fountain.  

After spending hours walking Mar Vista during last year’s Green Gardens Showcase, they were inspired to finally start the project, which was completed in the Summer of 2010.   Their landscaper, Heather Trilling (Trilling Landscape and Design), also replaced the large Hollywood Juniper in front of the house with a raised bed, which adds to the space available for growing fruit, vegetables and milkweed.  They have dwarf citrus trees (Bears Lime, Meyers Lemon and Pink Lemonade) in containers as well as a Wonderful Pomegranate tree in the raised bed.   They grow seasonal vegetables and herbs year round.  They have had milkweed for several years and have dozens of monarch butterflies hatching several times a year.   Their ceanothus, a native plant which was planted on the parkway and has been slow to grow, is finally spreading and blooming!

They have so many birds, bees, butterflies and ladybugs in the garden.  During the rainy season, they don’t water the front yard garden at all.  Otherwise, they water two times a week for a limited period of time and water the raised bed and the side garden by hand as needed.

Heather Trilling will be at the garden to answer questions.