The Windward Garden 11350 Palms Blvd

Students harvesting onions

The Windward Garden, located at the eco-friendly school of the same name, was the brainchild of some very committed students and their advisor, Samantha Lyon, who is a certified Permaculture Designer. The Green Club and the Community Service Committee were interested in composting the food waste from the cafeteria, recycling, and starting an edible garden. This hand-watered garden was started in the fall of 2010. It is an elective class for both middle and high school students, and meets twice a week to do garden projects. Art teacher Hannah Northenor teaches the middle school gardening class, and Samantha the upper school's. It’s also an opportunity for students to have fun! The school garden movement is growing at an amazing rate, and Windward is committed to green initiatives and interactive learning for students. Because it is linked to the Community Service Department, students are encouraged to be active in their community through gardening as well. Check out a video of the garden  and a video from last years tour!

Need a rain barrel? As part of the day’s festivities, TreePeople and SustainableWorks will be there with rain barrels for sale for a reduced cost.  Check out details on the program here.