11430 Woodbine Avenue - Mar Vista Recreation Center

This is a great addition to Mar Vista’s efforts towards responsible gardening and water use – even our park has reduced their water use! Preview some of the landscaping and the exercise equipment in this video of the ribbon cutting on Mar Vista Patch.

During the summer of 2010, Mar Vista Recreation Center undertook a revision to the western section of the park.   To assist their reduced water use focus, the soccer field was redesigned using artificial turf.  Around the periphery, more lawn was removed and replaced with walking paths of decomposed granite and multiple plantings of California and Mediterranean plantings. The plantings are drought tolerant and irrigation is by smart sprinklers!  

Several stations for physical workouts are positioned along Palms Blvd, Barrington Ave and Woodbine Ave and are receiving great reviews from neighbors who are there from 5 AM on.   

To better serve the drought tolerant plantings, the irrigation system was reconfigured, thus reducing water use, wasteful runoff and expense.  Mulching is next on the to-do list.   With Los Angeles City budgetary and staffing restrictions, the park staff is working diligently to keep the grounds in top condition.   The community can assist by showing respect for the planted areas when they or their pets are out walking.

Stop by and take a walk.   The picnic areas await, with new trees and boulders, making for a refreshing and fun area to gather.   What a great resource we have in our community.