11620 Clarkson Road

This homeowner was ahead of the trend. In the spring of 2004 they replaced the front lawn and flower bed with California Native plants, resulting in water savings and natural habitat for the birds, butterflies, bees, and small creatures. The design evolved around the existing Magnolia, Cotoneaster (since removed), Yucca, Camellia, and irrigation system. With a budget of $1,200 the grass was removed by hand, soil mounded, DG pathway and decorative crushed rock areas installed, and foundation plants planted. Finishing touch was 2-3” of shredded redwood to keep the soil moist and cool. Plants and grasses have been added over the years along with nature’s plantings.


  • 75% less water once plants are established; water for 20 minutes every 10 days. No water in the winter months.
  • Less garden waste; 80% of cuttings end up in compost.
  • Low maintenance; no fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Attracts wild life.
  • Visually pleasing all year round.
1. Achillea millefolium, Paprika Yarrow
2. Arctostaphylos, "Emerald Carpet" Manzanita
3. Arctostaphylos x densiflora, 'Howard McMinn' Manzanita
4. Ceanothus arboreus x thrysiflous, "Frosty Blue" California Lilac
5. Ceanothus hearstiorum, San Simeon Ceanthus
6. Cercis occidentalis, Western Redbud
7. Dudleya attenuata orcuttii, Bright Sprite Dudleya
8. Epilbium canum "Catalina", Island California Fuchia
9. Epilbiumcanum latifolium "Armstrong", California Fuchia
10. Erigonum grande rubescens, San Miguel or Red Buckwheat
11. Erigonum grande var. rubescens, San Miguel or Red Buckwheat
12. Festuca idahoensis "Siskyou Blue", Idaho Fescue
13. Festuca idahoensis "Warren Peak", Idaho Fescue
14. Heuchera "Lillian's Pink", Coral Bells
15. Heuchera "Opal", Coral Bells
16. Iris douglasiana, Pacific Coast iris
17. Monadella antonia Antonia, San Antonia Hills Coyote Mint
18. Monardella villosa, Coastal Coyote Mint
19. Muhlenbergia rigens, Deergrass
20. Penstemon heterophyllius, Foothill Penstemon
21. Penstemon heterophyllius, Margarita BOP'
22. Rhamnus californica, Coffeberry "Eve Case"
23. Salvia clevelandii "Winifred Gilman", Cleveland Sage
24. Salvia mellifera, Black Sage