11930 Lawler Street

The gardeners removed the grass in the front yard and the homeowners took over the project, choosing plants for color, low water use, butterflies and hummingbirds…and, of course, for humans to enjoy. They used homemade compost and find the lantana, geraniums, nasturtium (which are natural in my garden), succulents, bird of paradise, statice, and agapanthus are all flourishing. This garden has a wild beauty that offers surprises and fun.

It never gets boring because the colors and plants are always changing. Also, there is a big increase in wildlife. Watering is done by hand, as needed. A patch of backyard grass is watered only when Mother Nature decides that the time is right. They hand water as needed. There is still some grass in the backyard but it rarely gets any water that doesn’t fall from the sky. And, of course, this is a no-blower zone.

In addition to the delightful flowers, this gardener will happily introduce you to the resident worms that assist with composting.