12833 Rose Avenue

The designer who created this beautiful floral oasis started gardening in 3rd grade after falling in love with her grandmother's vegetable garden in Canada. Having a background as a fine artist – her plants are her medium. People don't realize there's a whole spectrum of just the color green alone. Be enticed by her combination of colors, shapes and textures to form many rich layers of beauty.

This designer began with a very loose plan and then added plants. If the plant worked--great, if not then it was moved somewhere else. That's one big aspect the designer loved about gardening--it's always changing.  Like any other responsible green gardener, she incorporated native plantsdrought tolerant plants and all kinds of succulents. One of her joys of gardening is creating new plants with cuttings. In fact, a majority of the plants in her garden were from cuttings. 

Neighbors and even people beyond her neighborhood love this garden. Strangers come to her door to enquire about a flower they have never seen before. Her enthusiasm for gardening literally grows on other people.

Any extra moment she can grab from her busy schedule, this designer loves spending time in her garden. Surprising to most, she hand waters her garden, sometimes even using a water pitcher. She finds this therapeutic and saves water. Come and visit this fun garden and get some amazing cuttings.

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