3141 Greenfield Avenue

These do-it-yourselfers deserve a hand! They started overhauling the front yard garden just two years ago, in the spring of 2009, as a way to reduce water consumption and create an exploratory site for their two curious young sons.  The results will inspire even the most timid amateur gardener.  

They created a stunning design and did the manual labor themselves. For six months the neighbors endured/enjoyed the sight of clear plastic covering the Bermuda lawn as the homeowners did their best to suffocate every last blade of grass. They couldn't be more thrilled with the results and love watching the garden change and grow each season. Given the flat, horizontal shape of the lawn, they started by creating a small pebble path that meanders across the space and flanked it with grasses, succulents, natives, cacti, and two trees donated by the city (a Fruitless Olive and an Australian Willow). They used old pieces of concrete from the backyard to create a small corner planter. They planted sparingly and filled in the rest with decomposed granite--all in one weekend.

The garden has become home to a host of bees in the spring when the succulents bloom and two resident hummingbirds are crazy about the giant Grevillea. Watering is super low-tech. Just a sprinkle with the hose once a week in the dry months.  Come early and take home free seedlings or succulent cuttings while supplies last.