3958 Michael Avenue

This garden  is a great example of a low maintenance, drought tolerant front yard that still feels green and lush.  The design balances usable hardscape with an existing Jacaranda tree and a variety of succulents and native or naturalized plants.  Simple off the shelf pre-cast concrete pavers and black river rock creates an access path to the side yard and functions as a decorative element in the garden.  The featured plants are a Blue Agave, used in Mexico for making tequila, and a sea of native Douglas Iris that provides a burst of spring flowers that come year after year.  Focusing more on texture and shades of green and purple then on flowers, this garden has a contemporary look that compliments the resident’s eggplant painted home.  Best of all, this garden only requires periodic weeding and a fraction of the water that a traditional front lawn requires.
Design by: Crystal Gaudio, RLA