3654 Meier Street

After remodeling their small Mar Vista Home six years ago, these garden enthusiasts decided to dig up the front lawn, which had died due to lack of water. They bought a few drought tolerant plants and planted them helter-skelter in the front yard in the hopes that they would take. Since that time the garden has become a "breath of fresh air". Bees, butterflies and birds visit year round and help pollinate their “favorite place on Earth”.

In 2011, after ceremoniously digging out the last little patch of grass, the homeowners installed a small patch of decomposed granite. After considering an irrigation system, they eventually decided that the joys of hand watering and the pleasure of spending quality time with their plants made irrigation irrelevant. They started raising chickens two years ago, receiving the benefits of both eggs and compost material that was spread liberally in the garden. Their pond recycles the water used and creates a lovely habitat for other creatures. They have a small and large compost area. They are having great fun with the succulents, clipping cuttings and enjoying their growth all year long. 

They have an abundance of peaches, plums and grapes in the summer. The homeowners lovingly attend to their plants on a daily basis. Gardening has become not just a hobby, but a meditation and a lifestyle for this couple. Their grown children often comment on the ever-changing landscape that results from this constant attentiveness. These committed, inspired gardeners hope that someday lawnmowers and leaf blowers will become obsolete, and the air will be filled with the “sound of peacefully growing plants”.


  1. hello,
    i am a neighbor and visited your garden. beautiful! I asked about a small tree, on the N side of the garden (n of the chickens). It has multi-colored leaves and looks like a small eucalyptus. i think you called it an acacia however. i am trying to remember the name. if you can post it, thank you!

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, it is a purple acacia

    Category: Tree
    Family: Mimosaceae (~Fabales)
    Origin: Australia (Australasia)
    Evergreen: Yes
    Flower Color: Yellow
    Bloomtime: Spring
    Height: 20-30 feet
    Width: 20-30 feet
    Exposure: Full Sun
    Seaside: Yes
    Drought Tolerant: Yes
    Deer Tolerant: Yes
    Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
    Winter Hardiness: 20-25° F

  3. Many asked about a ground cover in my garden with small yellow button like blooms for which I could not think of the name at the time.

    It is called "Common Tansy". It is rather invasive if not pruned during the growth season (spring to about mid summer) and will take over anything in it's path.