3710 Mountain View Avenue - Cluster 2B

This front yard, originally a sloping bit of turf in a home built in 1951, was transformed into a courtyard by manipulating the grades and animating the space with a single contemporary, custom cast concrete fountain. 

Two Acacia podalyrifolia trees, planted about 12 years ago from 5 gallon containers, grace the court with yellow blossoms in winter and white grey foliage. "Grandma's Purple" Irises flank the fountain, and Pittosporum crassifolium are both hedges and sculptural forms. 

The garden has not been irrigated since it was established. The paving is custom cut and fit concrete pavers, which were both reasonably priced and have proved quite durable. 

This garden reflects the changing inspirations of the two owners -  Katherine Spitz, AIA, ASLA, LEED AP (landscape architect of garden)  and Daniel Rhodes, Architect.  It is always a work in progress.  They have been inspired by the places where building and architecture become one - hedges are walls, trees are columns, paving stones are floors, and tree canopies are ceilings.