3983 East Boulevard - UP House

Urban Permaculture House
UP House is an urban permaculture farm and an intentional health and homesteading community education and activities center. They practice what they preach on a daily basis. For example - 

Local organic food sourcing
They are learning to grow as much food as is ecologically sustainable on their large suburban plot of land while also supporting local organic food initiatives in our community. 

Currently they have fruit trees (avocado, orange, tangerine, bananas, persimmon, peach, fig), several garden areas, self-seeding edible “weed” areas, monthly bulk local organic food, distribution and pick up location for the California CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and two members working a booth for a vendor at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market ( Dey Dey’s Best Beef Ever).

Future and Ongoing Projects – Building an efficient green house system, chickens, bees, aquaponics, and vending value-added products from our urban farm at the MV Farmer’s Market.

Intentional Community

These householders are highly involved with volunteer and activism in the realms of health, art and sustainability. Many members of the 11-member community are founders of, or highly involved in some of the most active and productive philanthropies in LA.
To name a few: Habitat for Humanity, Label GMO’s Initiative, LA Unified School District, Tree People, Venice Art Crawl, The Joyful Activist, Venice Community Gardens, City Repair, LIVIN’, and The Big P Project.

Label GMO's will be a guest presenter at this garden

Health and Sustainability Efforts

  • Six of the eleven members do not own cars and a seventh commutes to work by bike every day.
  • Converting the front yard into a cityrepair.org style public space project with a COB bench, an activities/events kiosk, a community garden and an herb spiral.
  • Built an outdoor kitchen and an amphitheatre out of re-purposed materials to host gatherings, potluck events and workshops.