12625 Stanwood Place

The homeowner had wished to completely redo the backyard. The main concern was to cut back on the water consuming grass and add interest to an otherwise bland yard.

A design was developed incorporating an Australian dry garden theme. Rich use of colors red and yellow evoke the rugged outback. The unusual flowering native Grevilleas, Leucadendron, Proteas and Banksia soften the rugged feel. A mixture of New Zealand, South African and California natives add variety. The plantings are anchored by a large yellow flowering Golden Rain Tree.

A raised serpentine wall supports a stackedstone pondless waterfall. This offers an oasis of therapeutic sound. A compliment to the hummingbirds wizzing by. Butterfly-hosting plants ensure a wide variety of visiting species. A small oval-shaped bit of grass was left so the client still has a cool place to relax. The existing sprinklers were retrofitted with water saving micro-emitters. The remaining open spaces are finished with Decomposed Granite topped with decorative stone. A curved path of stunning red Arizona flagstone leads to a  seating area with a birdbath.

This truly unique garden brings colors as well as providing a bird and butterfly habitat to the new landscape. Landscape contractor Eric Anderson representing Earth Designs Landscape with be available to answer questions and demonstrate micro-emitter irrigation.