3766 Redwood Avenue - Cluster 5

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This DIY landscape is a mix of cacti, succulents, yucca and other low-water plants like Alstroemeria, Pride of Madera, and Mexican Marigold. They kept a few species - climbing roses, day lilies - that are less drought friendly, but are family favorites. Two cassia trees provide shade for the yard and house.

In 2012, Emily Green wrote in her “Chance of Rain” blog, “This garden is what Beatrix Potter would have drawn, had she lived in LA. It’s charming, doable expression of loving the outside, except not at the inordinate expense of the environment.  It’s low-water and, from the look of it, nearly no run-off.  But mainly it’s personal, low cost and crazy colorful in a palette that runs circles around glossy standards of beauty.”

This garden is part of the amazing cluster of gardens on Redwood! This cluster has everything - landscape designers, chickens and certified Ocean Friendly Gardens!