3968 McLaughlin Avenue

"Goodbye Grass, Hello Garden!" 

This was the inspiration of this Front Yard landscape project and thanks to Landscape Architect John A. Tikotsky, their dream came true, even better than they thought!  Between now and the date of the tour, we can watch their dream take shape.

It's not only a garden, it has wonderful Earth friendly features and it's very productive:

* Organic Vegetable planting circle (will plant more than 15 varieties of veggies)
* Organic fruit trees( Fuji apple, banana tree, blackberry, blueberry, plum, lemon,
   Tangerine Tree, grape vines )
* Medical Herbs Spiral with many traditional Chinese tonic herbs inside
* Waterwise irrigation system, filters, drippers… (their next step is to add a
   rain barrel)
* Bee saver flowers beds (in the backyard and sidewalk)
* Blower-free
* Reused broken concret pieces, applied D.G. etc. 

Fresh organic blueberries!
They started organic gardening in their backyard in 2006, planting different veggies and herbs; they also got a composter from the City of LA in 2007. Wild life visits the garden - bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, wild birds, squirrels…everyone is happy and they enjoy the fresh veggies all year long.

They began the front yard garden in  Nov. 2011 - 95% structure is done and they  will start planting soon. They enjoy seeing the changes every week and are very excited about the countless benefits and happiness which it will bring to them and the entire neighborhood.

Landscape Architect John A. Tikotsky will be on hand to answer questions.