3411 Cabrillo Boulevard

When Jim Matsuo designed the front yard the homeowners requested a low maintenance and beautiful front yard.  There are two screens made of silver sheen trees that block the view from other homes and they love the results.  There rocks instead of grass in the front yard and two hammocks swings which are quite inviting and relaxing when one is sitting below the old magnolia tree.

They back yard has grass for the three dogs.  They just couldn’t deny them opportunity to frolic around the grass.  There are wonderful areas of azaleas and hydrangeas from Trader Joe's that have really grown into the yard.  They also have a wonderful gas fire pit that has become a great hang out place for friends and co-workers to sip on vodka and smoke cigars.  
The Jacuzzi on our back deck and it is completely screened with silver sheen trees. Who could ask for more!?

Behind the back building a surprise : 3 raised beds for flowers, vegetables and herbs and 3 citrus trees, which are all finally bearing fruit.