12545 Barbara Avenue

This garden is just a few years old; a home remodel inspired the change. The homeowners designed and installed it, even building all of the edging and the counter height veggie garden out of steel. 

One fell in love with cacti while living in Arizona; they still have many plants brought from there on the move to Los Angeles. They wanted a garden without grass and watering, so they planted a lot of cacti and covered the ground with rounded stones for better walking. 

They noticed a huge change in their fruit trees when they took out the grass. They've been composting for about 10 years, but taking out the grass made the biggest difference. The lemon tree almost killed it self growing so fast; they couldn’t keep up with the pruning. They have grapefruit, lemons, peaches, and figs growing...and they eat all of them! Their vegetable garden is seasonal; the winter garden has herbs, lettuce, chard and broccoli growing, which they water by hand.

The children miss the grass, but they love to pick dinner from the garden and show off their night flowering cacti! They look forward to sharing their ideas with the Mar Vista Community; They love living here and have seen a lot of changes since they arrived in 1995.

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