3590 Ocean View Avenue - Cluster 2H

This front yard garden was added five years ago when the owners moved into the house. The previous yard was nothing more than weeds and the owners wanted to make it into a water-wise garden.

With the help of a local landscaper, they designed the garden to feel like a wild field and to include specific plants such as the Foxtail Agave, Firesticks, Dodonea, Sage, Aloe and other drought tolerant plants. The biggest addition was the California Live Oak Tree.

While the main layout hasn't changed over the past five years, some plants had to be changed or removed. The garden has no irrigation so plants must really be able to survive dry conditions. During the summer months, the garden is watered by hand but mostly survives on its own during the winter.

The best part of the garden now are the maturing FireStick plants which tower throughout the front yard. Also the owners love to watch the ever-present hummingbirds zoom around the garden.

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