3753 Ashwood Avenue - Cluster 5B

This garden is a response to the call for water conservation, sustainability, and food production. 

Garden boxes use a combination of straw and hay, mixed with compost produced by the owners' chickens. Their three hens - Original, Extra Crispy, and McNugget - provide enough eggs to avoid the supermarket, as well as turning food scraps into rich compost for later distribution throughout their property.

NOTE: This garden is backyard only


  1. A very special home on a very special block. Come check out all of the homes on the Ashwood cluster!

  2. Man that was FUN! Loved showing our three hens off and they didn't disappoint. Thanks to all who came to learn and share with us on the garden tour!

    Ian, Alicia, Kealii, Original, Extra Crispy, and McNugget