3761 Ashwood Avenue - Cluster 5C

This succulent-centric garden was planned almost 15 years and is very low maintenance, low water, low gardener, bright, vivid and worthwhile. Many of the masses of agave, zwarktrop and other succulents were created with offspring from the parent plants.
The natural sculptural quality of succulents lend themselves not only to water conservation but to minimal landscaping requirements.  And, strategically placed ‘protector plants’ such as the agave under a window, act as organic defensive security - more effective than a professional system any day! 
The vibrant colors keep the garden fresh all year long, even if no succulent flowers are in bloom. 
The irrigation system has been in place for over 16 years. The owners adjust it as needed, turning it off completely during the rainy season.
Come visit, enjoy and plant!