3863 Marcasel Avenue

Photos by Harvey Scott Kaner

Great Grid Landscaping

The grid landscaping at the Getty Center is the inspiration for this garden. Remberto Ramos (you can find him weekly at the Mar Vista Farmers Marketplanted in it 2011. The owners replaced a lawn and other water-intensive plants with succulents that require practically no upkeep and basically no water now that they’re established - that was their goal. In the construction of the property they created an infrastructure for automatic drip irrigation, but they’ve never felt the need to finish it. Just the dwarf lemon and orange trees need water regularly. They never water when it’s raining or about to rain. Their water bill dropped from their previous house which had a lawn, front and back, along with other water-needy plants.

Watching the garden grow and tending to it is a pleasure. Growing up in Michigan, and being allergic to many of the shrubs around the house, it was a dreaded chore to trim the landscaping. Not so with these succulents and front shrubs (literally 10 minutes with the loppers on the African Boxwood and it’s done!)

Also, with the generous amounts of “chicks” produced by our succulents, we’ve been taking cuttings and making beautiful container arrangements, not to mention the flower arrangements that adorn their dining tables. They had no idea the succulents would produce flowers – and they last a really long time. 

They enjoy sharing their garden with others and spreading the succulent love! So they’ll have some arrangements ready for sale during the garden tour (for pickup at the end).