12220 Washington Place - Wildwood School

Wildwood School created a school learning garden in the Fall of 2011, transforming what was formerly a courtyard covered in lawn into an outdoor classroom. Students compost, plant, maintain, and harvest in the garden. It's a welcoming environment for art, math, and science lessons. 

There are seven raised beds, fruit trees, vines, a composting area, worm bins, a pollinator habitat and a gathering area. The garden plantings are related to grade level curriculum. For example, when 5th Grade students were studying the founding of the United States they planted a colonial herb bed. When 4th grade students were studying the Spanish influence on early California they planted a salsa garden. 

Wildwood's Community Involvement Leadership Team conducts presentations about sustainability and environmental responsibility for fellow students. They have also carried out a lunch table composting system so all students compost every day.

Students have studied water systems, conducted soil tests and prepared meals from their harvest. One of the most important components of the school garden is the role the garden plays in bringing our community together.

Wildwood School's science teacher will be a guest presenter at the garden.