3610 Ocean View Avenue - Cluster 2G

This 120 foot deep front yard was an uninspiring swath of half dead lawn. The homeowners asked Kevin Connelly of Park Connelly and Associates to make it into something welcoming. The aim was to make the long access to the house a pleasant stroll through a park-like setting, with various areas for lounging, entertaining, meditation and vegetable gardening. 

The design incorporates an existing Chinese Elm and a mature pine. A rectangular concrete patio which was cracked and displaced was recycled into a more gracious, wandering and “softer” walkway leading from the sidewalk to the front door. 

The homeowners' favorite feature is a yin-yang symbol constructed with white and black river stones as a 6ΚΌ diameter “junction” midway in the yard. A secondary gravel path leads from here to a quiet area bench and continues on to the raised vegetable planter box. It also helps to visually break up the distance to the house. A water feature near the deck entrance also reflects the welcoming aspects of a Feng Shui design. 

Landscape designer Kevin Connelly on site all day to answer your questions.


  1. Kevin you have inspired us. This is great we are ready to start looking at a back and front yard re-do and this would be perfect. I'll be getting in touch.

  2. Very impressive. Love the gentle flow getting to the front door. Water feature is super.

    Pat and Julie C.

  3. Very Tao feel to it. Peaceful. The Yin-Yang image gives it a calming presence. More than a "pleasant stroll," it looks like a place I could spend a peaceful hour in.
    Very nice.

  4. Very nice transformation!... I like the water feature

  5. The design by Kevin Connelly is very pleasing to the eye. Viewing the photos, I feel calm and serene. I will forward these photos to my friends so they can appreciate the talent of Park Connelly & Associates. One word comes to mind......spectacular! Congratulations,
    Maureen Barton