12036 Mitchell Ave - Cluster 6

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Working in the field of home design affords this garden owner an opportunity to engage in basic landscape designing on many projects. Lacking formal training, this designer generally prefers to simply try and take advantage of any and all resources available on the site after the structures are completed, often times utilizing contruction waste as a component in the landscaping (broken concrete, structural steel, and so forth).  

In the owner's own garden, the plantings are primarily odds and ends purchased locally as well as plants inherited from other projects that have been nursed back to health (or are in the recovery process of).  

The basic design concept is to base everything on whatever is readily available, while striving to respect the climate in which we are planting.  Along those lines, the owner is increasingly interested in discovering plantings which thrive in the native clay-laden soil, without the use of major amending or manipulation.  

Beyond that, the garden is essentially a rough mix of scaps, mixing and tangling and growing under the canopy of two remarkable camphor trees planted on the city right-of-way.