Annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

The Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee launched the Green Garden Showcase in 2009 with the goal of encouraging sustainable home gardens in Mar Vista…and beyond.
It’s exciting to see what we’ve achieved – sustainable gardens are now plentiful and most Mar Vista streets have quite a few! The irony is that this makes garden selection for the tour even more demanding – for the tour to be meaningful, the gardens need to stand out beyond what we all see around us.
Organizing the tour is a very demanding, time and labor-intensive task – one that past organizers are unable to take on this year. So the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is taking a well-earned sabbatical.

We hope you'll continue to find inspiration for your garden on this blog. We've featured approximately 250 gardens over the past seven years. You can still view posts from past tours. Use the links on the right to find gardens from the 2015 tour with the features you're interested in.  Enter a term or address in the search box at the upper left hand corner of this screen to find gardens from prior tours. 

You can still view front yard. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF GARDEN OWNERS’ PROPERTY. View gardens from the sidewalk unless invited in. Don’t pick anything! Click here to display a 2015 Green Garden Showcase map, then follow the directions to create your own personal tour map. Click here to display the 2014 map.

The Mar Vista community has an ongoing commitment to encouraging sustainability in all aspects of life. The Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market hosts a different eco-presenter each Sunday. Every 4th Sunday, UCCE Master Gardeners visit The Green Tent with seeds, seedlings and advice. 


  1. So no tour for 2017 either? Sabbatical = the end?

  2. No tour for 2017 but we are working on a possibility of relaunching in 2018 – stay tuned!