3836 Minerva Avenue - Cluster 1G

This organic garden setting seems to attract people passing by and the owners often see them slowing down for a second look, or comment. The design is simple, featuring a limited number of drought tolerant plants on a carpet of ground cover encompassing whimsical grasses looking a little wild in a natural setting. 

The owner has a yen for babbling brooks and streams, so thought the "dry rock creek " might be fun to pretend with especially during the current drought.  Garden favorites are the 'Lion's tail', which has bloomed for frequent hummingbird visits since its origin last summer and the bright flash of yellow ginko tree leaves enjoyed in the autumn. A special feature is the rapidly growing papaya tree on the side yard which originated by planting the seeds after eating the delicious Hawaiian fruit just to see what would happen if anything.

M. Banders inspired the  design and kept the owners on track from wanting to purchase and plant everything they saw.
Carlos Navarette of Guardians of Gardens installed the irrigation system and continues to keep the plants happy with his weekly visits.