3857 Coolidge Avenue - Cluster 1J

Come see what you can do with an old garden...and learn from a local naturalist!

Over the past two and a half years, these homeowners created a "California Garden," which is a mix of new California natives and the non-native plants introduced years ago by the original owners. 

Last year they removed the front lawn as part of the SoCal Water $mart Residential Turf Removal Program. This year, the front yard is getting a facelift for the Green Garden Showcase. The orange flags are California Poppies that seeded from last year.

They have one of the oldest California Avocado trees in the neighborhood in their backyard. It has it's own set of challenges and they've landscaped around it accordingly.

The garden is hand-watered and includes a rain barrel and a rain garden. It is a Certified Wildlife Habitat, Xerces Pollinator Habitat and Monarch Waystation. 

Check out the Marine Blue Butterfly
These purple daisies have a story all their own. The previous owner had them in the garden and the current owner tried to take them out, thinking, they are not native: "I wanted to change the plant palette over to California natives, so out they go. Well, when I wasn’t looking they decided to sneak back in, but in such an attractive way, nestled in between my California Sunflower and Sticky Gum Plant, I decided they can stay.  After all, they are drought tolerant!"

One of the garden owners is Executive Director of the Friends of Ballona Wetlands as well as a landscape designer (Giardino della Vita). She'll be representing the following organizations, and can answer questions:
  • Friends of Ballona Wetlands – they not only do tours in the Wetlands, but also provide expertise on how to put in pollinator, rain, and edible gardens
  • Los Angeles Audubon Society – their “Kill Your Lawn” cartoon book drawn by children will be available as handouts
  • National Wildlife Federation – Certified Wildlife Habitat Program
  • Xerces Society – Pollinator Habitat Certification
  • Monarch Waystation Certification – through Monarch Watch
  • SoCal Water $mart Residential Turf Removal Program – Bewaterwise.com
  • Rain Barrels, rain garden – The Bay Foundation Rain Barrel program

She’ll have literature for folks to look at and take, if they like.

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