The Learning Garden Special Events

The Learning Garden has planned a full day of special guests and events.

Enjoy a peaceful tour of The Learning Garden with co-founder Julie Mann. Hear the history of one of the most well known school/community gardens in the country. See the Medicinal Herb Garden, the Native California Garden, the student plots and more!

ASK THE EXPERTS. Our favorite experts will join us in the garden to answer all your burning questions!
  •  THE COMPOST GUY: Meet Eleu Navarro, Master Garden and "composter extraordinaire". He will tell you all you need to know about composting.
  • THE HERB GIRL. Meet Ingrid Schneider, our Traditional Chinese Medicine Garden Cultivator and Curator. She will let you know what plants are medicinal as well as beautiful for your garden.
  • THE NATIVE GARDENER. Meet Christine Walker, our expert on Native California plants and succulents who has transformed our northeast corner into one of beauty with very little water!
  • THE GARDEN MASTER. Meet David King, the guardian of The Learning Garden. Ask him ANYTHING about gardening, and he will share his tried and true secrets.
Also, from 12:00–4:00, some very important organizations that are part of our local neighborhood will be at The Learning Garden. Come meet:
  • SEED LIBRARY OF LOS ANGELES. SLOLA, housed at The Learning Garden is the first seed library of Southern California. For a lifetime membership of $10, you can check out seeds to plant, learn how to save seeds, and help build a repository of diverse, non-gmo seeds.
  • TRANSITION MAR VISTA/VENICE. Born out of Transition Town in Totnes, England, Transition Town groups have popped up all over the world, and yes, we have one right here in Mar Vista! Come meet a local grassroots group, with the vision of guiding our community from oil dependency to local resilience. They raise awareness about the problems of peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction, and seek to address these challenges through community-building projects.
  • WESTSIDE PRODUCE EXCHANGE. Every month, gardeners, fruit tree owners, bakers all meet to exchange their abundance with others. Come meet founder Naomi Curland, our local food waste fighter to join the exchange, and find out the other ways she is fighting food waste in our community.
  • OUR TIMEBANK. Timebanking is an alternate sharing economy using hours as currency. We are lucky to have a Timebank in our community where trading your skills with one member gains you hours with the rest of the membership. Come meet Jim Tate to learn how to get involved!
  • HOME GROWN GARDENS/GOOD KARMA GARDENS.  Transition/SLOLA/member Matt Van Diepen will be on hand to offer gardening advice and plant starts to get your garden going.

COMMUNITY CIRCLE led by the Transition Mar Vista/Venice peeps. Wind down the day talking about what we can do to make our community more resilient in these times of peak oil, climate change, drought, economic uncertainty, and so forth.

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