Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase 2.0

WE’RE BACK!!!!  The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase will return in 2018! It’s exciting to see what we’ve already achieved with our past Showcases…and with two years off to recharge our creative batteries, we’re coming back on Saturday, April 28, 2018 stronger than ever.  

Sustainable gardening, our mandate since the Showcase was conceived by the Mar Vista Green Committee in 2009, has always been at the heart of our event. Even though our recent Winter rainfall has done much to alleviate our immediate drought crisis, please don’t be lulled into thinking that plentiful rainfall will continue. The need for sustainable practices in our gardens and the thirst for information on how to convert lawns into beautiful, sustainable and environment-friendly retreats continues.     

Early iterations of the Green Garden Showcase focused on sharing information about how to deal with our drought-challenged climate - how to convert lawns into beautiful green spaces filled with native plants and learning sustainable practices in our garden. While we will continue to spread the word about that gardening revolution, we also intend to take the Showcase to the next step. So each garden featured on the 2018 Showcase will also have a learning component. From chickens to beekeeping, rain barrels to composting, native plant selection to garden design overview, our goal is to provide a relaxing day in some of our area’s most beautiful gardens while providing know-how that you can use in your own garden.      

We’ll be announcing more details about the 2018 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase soon…but for now, circle Saturday, April 28, 2018 on your calendars. 

In the meantime, we hope you'll continue to find inspiration for your garden on this Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase blog, where you can find images and information from all our past tours (approximately 250 gardens from seven showcases are featured). 
  • Use the links on the right to find gardens from the 2015 tour with the features that interest you
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You can still view front yards for inspiration. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF GARDEN OWNERS’ PROPERTY. View gardens from the sidewalk unless invited in. Don’t pick anything! 

The Mar Vista community has an ongoing commitment to encouraging sustainability in all aspects of life. The Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market hosts a different eco-presenter each Sunday. Every 4th Sunday, UCCE Master Gardeners visit The Green Tent with seeds, seedlings and advice. So we’ll see you there.