4127 Tivoli Avenue

"Vanities & Narcissus" by Marina DeBris.
All the flowers are made entirely of washed up debris, and the bust & plinth were found on the street 

Aeroponic Towers by Waters Wheel

This will be an amazing stop for so many reasons! This is four stops in one.

The artist Marina DeBris has launched a journey to convert her lawn and for the tour it will be transformed into a gallery of her work – all of her art is made from trash that she has collected while cleaning up our beaches for the last twelve years. We have dubbed this our ‘Eco Junkyard Tour’.  Watch this wonderful preview of her work by her nephew.

She will also share the raised bed garden that she began in April 2010 with Gardens of Gratitude. She stopped watering the lawn and began to compost years before this but never had the funds to replace the lawn. The garden is watered with rainwater that is collected in a large trash can & what is saved from the shower before the it heats up. There is also a worm & a compost bin. Her inspiration was the desire to reduce water consumption and grow her own food. This would not have been possible without Gardens of Gratitude!

This garden will also play host to a special presentation by Rafael Quezada of The Waters Wheel, LLC on Aeroponic Tower Farms for the Urban Home and Garden. Raised bed gardens are excellent if a city dweller has a yard. Many do not. Rafael will show you aeroponic tower farms, developed by EPCOT, NASA and DOE that grow plants in vertical towers without soil and, therefore, are not subjected to soil-inhabiting pests. The systems produce flawless produce and can be positioned in any sunny place: driveway, terrace, rooftop, even indoors if a south-facing window is available. There is no turning of soil, no weeding, and harvesting is done standing upright. It's the only gardening system that is conveniently accessible for people in wheelchairs.

The system uses 5 to 10% of the water and nutrient needed for dirt-farming and recycles every bit of what is provided. It is a "closed-loop umbrella" meaning that by recycling, it discharges nothing into the watershed or the air, other than transpired and evaporated moisture that is pure. It is also able to be solar powered with a mini-panel.

And finally - Advanced Solar will be there as part of our American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour!