12833 Rose Avenue

Special Guest:  Cindy Hardin of the Los Angeles Audubon Society

Friends and neighbors have told me while visiting my garden that it's a slice of heaven in the neighborhood.  On days when the sunlight hits the garden just right—I definitely agree with everyone, the garden is breathtaking.

The majority of the plants in the garden are succulents, South African and Australian plants. Almost every plant is from a cutting, a seed or a volunteer. At one point I had a strict color palette, but I let that go when I found beautiful volunteer flowering plants brought courtesy of seed deposits from the birds.
Happy accidents happen in the garden all the time. Once in a while I'll reward herself with a plant purchase when an amazing plant is too hard to resist.

I don't use any fertilizers or pesticides—which is greatly appreciated by all kinds of butterflies, insects and birds. My only watering method is hand watering and rain from Mother Nature. I do all the maintenance, which is great exercise, rewarding and therapeutic. Another added plus is that since I'm outside all the time, I get to meet all my neighbors and make new friends. I love to give away plants and offer gardening tips and information—after all isn’t that what a garden is for? Great help from XYZ Designers and Best Solar.